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Several state and local air agencies have Architectural, Metal Parts & Products, and Solvent Cleaning rules that regulate the sale and/or use of Matthews products, with specified exemptions. PPG will only ship Matthews products with a valid Product Justification form on file stating that the Distributor/Customer understands these rules. If there are any questions, contact a Matthews Customer Service Representative at 1-800-323-6593.

By signing this agreement, you are stating that all products ordered are (1) exempt from or compliant with the listed state or local air agency’s applicable regulations, or (2) exempt from or compliant with the rules of the state or local air agency where the end use will occur, if the products are ordered for sale in another state or local jurisdiction and (3) that you have not received any notice of violation in the last 12 months related to misuse of a product under applicable air district VOC regulations. This PJF is applicable for 1 year. After that term has expired, another PJF must be completed.


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Complete the Product Justification Form (PJF) on the Matthews Paint website www.matthewspaint.com/home.
If there are any questions contact a Matthews Customer Service Representative at 1-800-323-6593.

This document is not intended to define or create legal rights or obligations, and PPG does not bear any responsibility for errors or misrepresentations in any Product Justification Form you submit. It is the responsibility of each customer, re-seller and end user to comply with federal, state and local laws, including determinations regarding compliance with applicable state or local Architectural, Metal Parts & Products, and Solvent Cleaning rules. It is the responsibility of the Distributor/Customer to confirm your customer's final use of a PPG Matthews product where an exemption exists and would allow the sale of a product that would otherwise be prohibited under your state or local rules. The complete text of the applicable rule for the air quality jurisdiction in which the customer operates should be fully reviewed to understand the impact of that regulation. To review a specific state or local agency’s regulation, contact your state or local air quality agency. Contact information may be found on the National Small Business Environmental Assistance Program website https://nationalsbeap.org/