New Low VOC Lettering Enamels

DELAWARE, OH, September 10, 2014 – Matthews Paint has recently introduced a new and improved line of 1 Shot Lettering and Pinstriping Enamels available in Low VOC. Since purchasing the brand in 2013, Matthews Paint has spent a considerable amount of time and resources to enhance the user experience, create better pull and extend the product finish and durability.

“Our first task was to gather a group of the best known users to understand the key characteristics they look for when pinstriping, air brushing, lettering or painting,” stated Mike Macre, 1 Shot Business Development Manager. Matthews Paint incorporated these characteristics and built a line of 23 vibrant colors required to create any color. The chemists then worked to develop the line to be compliant at < 2.8 lbs/gal of VOC. The end result is a Low VOC Lettering and Pinstriping Enamel that has equal or better application than the original line, enhanced automotive grade pigments and UV absorbers to provide better durability. As with the original line, all 23 colors are full gloss and are interchangeable with the original line.

Matthews Paint continues to lead the industry with environmentally-minded products while maintaining high standards of performance. “This new 1 Shot product line provides the same or improved vibrancy, flexibility, durability and single stroke coverage as conventional 1 Shot lettering enamels, but with less VOC,” remarked John Brandmeier, Director of Business Operations for Matthews Paint.