Tutorial Four:
Tinting Black and White: The Shadow Knows


Mixing your own Shading and Highlighting mediums for color-accurate shades and highlights; including when working over multi-colored planes and backgrounds.


1 4001 Tinting Black or 4002 Tinting White, 1 Shot 4003 Clear


Pour the desired amount (equivalent to your project needs) of 1 Shot 4003 Clear into a clean, wax-free container. Choosing either 4001 Tinting Black (for shades, shadows and faux-asphaltum shading on gilds) or 4002 Tinting White (for highlights), add a small amount of tint to the 4003 Clear and stir slowly but thoroughly (avoiding creating bubbles). The more tint you add, the deeper the shade or brighter the highlight.

*For a more realistic "faux asphaltum" effect on gold leaf projects, add a few drop of 1 Shot 115L Dark Brown to your 4001 Tinting Black mixture.


When applying your newly created shading or highlighting mediums over a previously painted surface, make sure that the first (base) coat is thoroughly dry. It is advisable to add 5-10% 1 Shot 4007 Hardener to your base color(s) and waiting several hours before applying the new tinting mediums.

This procedure and product recommendation has been proven to be effective in both a controlled lab as well as under standard shop conditions. It is always advisable, especially when trying a new procedure, to create a test panel first to try this application on prior to attempting to achieve optimum results on a given project. 1 Shot and Matthews Paint are not responsible for any failed attempts or product damages or failures caused by product use or misuse, lack of thorough understanding of and proper execution of the above procedure, or other unforeseen or unplanned for circumstances.