Tutorial Two:
Candy 101: Making Transparent Washes and Glazes


Create stunning transparent "candy" colors to use for special effects and washes.


1 Shot Lettering or Pearlescent Enamels, 1 Shot 4003 Clear


Pour the desired amount (equivalent to your project needs) of 1 Shot 4003 Clear into a clean, wax-free container. Choosing a 1 Shot Lettering Enamel or 1 Shot Pearlescent Enamel color, add a small amount of that color to the 4003 Clear. Stir (never shake) the mixture slowly but thoroughly, avoiding creating bubbles. The vibrancy as well as transparent or translucent qualities of this new mixture will vary based on the saturation of the added color(s); the more paint you add, the less transparent the mixture becomes.


When applying your newly created candy color or glaze over a previously painted surface (and applying these washes over 193L Metallic Silver or 109L Metallic Gold will result in a dazzling finish), make sure that the first (base) coat is thoroughly dry. It is advisable to add 5-10% 1 Shot 4007 Hardener to your base color(s) and waiting several hours before applying the new candy color.

This procedure and product recommendation has been proven to be effective in both a controlled lab as well as under standard shop conditions. It is always advisable, especially when trying a new procedure, to create a test panel first to try this application on prior to attempting to achieve optimum results on a given project. 1 Shot and Matthews Paint are not responsible for any failed attempts or product damages or failures caused by product use or misuse, lack of thorough understanding of and proper execution of the above procedure, or other unforeseen or unplanned for circumstances.