Series 20 Metal Paint

Series 20 Metal Paint Topcoats

Series 20 Acrylic Lacquer Topcoat

Series 20 is a quality, one-component acrylic lacquer developed specifically for industrial signage needs. It can be used on properly prepared substrates such as steel, aluminum, photopolymer, acrylic, and wood. Colors are available in factory pack only:
  • ZZ20-313/01 Duranodic
  • ZZ20-313E/01 Duranodic
  • ZZ20-01/01 White
  • ZZ20-02/01 White Matte
  • ZZ20-80/01 Black Gloss
  • ZZ20-81/01 Black Matte
  • ZZ20-WH/01 White Concentrate

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