Spraylat Integration Update

May 3, 2013

Dear Valued Customer/Distributor:

The Spraylat integration is progressing according to plan. There are still a number of details to be worked out, but we are making progress and hopefully maintaining or improving your customer experience where possible.

There are a couple of major milestones to announce:
1. May 28, logistics consolidation to Lima, OH and Whittier, CA
2. Q4 2013, customer service and sales policy consolidation
We separated these two events to keep change manageable for us and for you.

Effective Tuesday, May 28th, we will begin shipping all MPC and Spraylat-brand products from Matthews’ Lima, OH distribution center. We will also begin billing from Matthews’ Chillicothe, OH accounting center. Whittier, CA will be brought on-line as quickly as possible thereafter.

For MPC customers you should see no change. For Spraylat brand customers:
1. You will begin receiving shipments from Lima, OH or Whittier, CA
2. You will begin receiving invoices from Chillicothe, OH under MPC/PPG heading. Please note the change in remittance address. 
3. Several product codes must change for systems reasons (list below). Please note these in your purchase database.
4. Will-call pick-ups in Chicago will no longer be possible.

To facilitate the warehouse relocation we will be implementing a service outage the week of May 20th for all Spraylat brand products. Orders received prior to close of business on Wednesday, May 15, will be shipped from Chicago. Orders received after May 15th will be shipped from Lima, but shipments will not be made until May 28th. This outage will not affect MPC products. Please make plans to bolster your inventories in advance of the outage. We apologize for any inconvenience this necessary outage may cause.

Whether an MPC customer, Spraylat customer, or both, you will continue to purchase MPC and Spraylat-brand products separately, through your normal channels, until Q4. You will still need to use separate POs and receive separate invoices. You will continue to purchase under separate sales/discount policy.

Sometime during Q4, we plan to consolidate customer service and sales policy. At that time, you will be able to place one order for all products and receive one invoice. We will provide further details on this transition in Q3.

Please do not hesitate to call your customer service contact if you have questions. For Matthews it is 800-323-6593. For Spraylat brand products it remains 773-646-5900.

Best Regards,

John P. Brandmeier
Director, Business and Operations

for May 28 Logistics Integration Series 20

Existing Product Code New Product Code effective May 28 Description
2001 ZZ2001 Lacryl 20-01 White Gloss Lead Free
2002 ZZ2002 Lacryl 20-02 White Matte Lead Free
20102 ZZ20102 Lacryl 20-102 Fire Red Lead Free
20104 ZZ20104 Lacryl 20-104 Bright Red
20114 ZZ20114 Lacryl 20-114 Medium Brown
20130 ZZ20130 Lacryl 20-130 Primrose Yellow
20132 ZZ20132 Lacryl 20-132 Lemon Yellow
20148 ZZ20148 Lacryl 20-148 Dark Green
20156 ZZ20156 Lacryl 20-156 Brilliant Blue
20313E ZZ20313E Lacryl 20-313E Duranodic (20-56)
20313 ZZ20313 Lacryl 20-313 Duranodic 313 (20-55)
2080 ZZ2080 Lacryl 20-80 Black Gloss Lead Free
2081 ZZ2081 Lacryl 20-81 Black Matte Lead Free
20BU ZZ20BU 20-BU Burnt Umber
20CY ZZ20CY 20-CY Chrome Yellow Medium
20LB ZZ20LB 20-LB Lamp Black
20MO ZZ20MO 20-MO Moly Orange
20MY ZZ20MY 20-MY Medium Yellow
20PB ZZ20PB 20-PB Phthalo Blue
20PG ZZ20PG 20-PG Phthalo Green
20PY ZZ20PY 20-PY Primrose Yellow
20QR ZZ20QR 20-QR Quinacridone Red
20QV ZZ20QV 20-QV Quinacridone Violet
20RO ZZ20RO 20-RO Red Iron Oxide
20WH ZZ20WH 20-WH White Concentrate
20YO ZZ20YO 20-YO Yellow Iron Oxide
28090 ZZ28090 Series 280-90 Clear
20xxxx ZZ20xxxx Series 20 Factory Mix Special
To be discontinued due to very low demand. Custom color will still be available.