Amusement Parks

Exceptional Paint Durability and Vibrant Color!

Brighten and protect the attractions in your amusement park while protecting the environment with Matthews Paint's benchmark MAP Ultra Low VOC sign paint system.

MAP Ultra Low VOC
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This complete high-performance system features topcoats, primers, clears, cleaners, and additives that provide exceptional durability and vibrant, long-lasting color. With less than 50 g/L (0.42 lbs/gal) VOC, MAP Ultra Low VOC is AIM Compliant* and the perfect choice for your park's signage and structures. Plus, MAP Ultra Low VOC allows you to brush or roll in the park before your park opens and it dries before your guests arrive.

Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane Ultra Low VOC Features:
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Environmentally Friendly (as low as 50 g/L VOC)
  • Brilliant Color
  • Paint and Dry Fast Before Your Park Opens
  • Wide Range of Gloss Levels
  • High Performance Clear Coats
*Check with your local authorities for specific compliance ratings.