Mixing 1 Shot and Other Paints

Can I use 1 Shot in conjunction with latex or acrylic latex paints?
The concern is that oil-alkyd enamels, such as 1 Shot Lettering Enamels, are not fully compatible with latex or acrylic latex paints; so in addition to the potential for adhesion issues, these paint products will expand and contract at different rates when faced with UV exposure, temperature changes and humidity. This dissimilar rate can result in checking, cracking and premature failure.

Mixing Custom Colors

What if I need a color not offered by 1 Shot?
1 Shot Lettering Enamels are infinitely mixable with the exception of 199L Black. By combining from our 44 color selection, and/or our special Tinting White, Tinting Black, and 1 Shot 4003 Clear, you can create ANY color, in various configurations ranging from opaque to glistening, transparent candy colors.

Mixing PMS Colors

Can I mix to PMS specifications using 1 Shot?
1 Shot Lettering Enamels are opaque paints, and true PMS color matching employs three transparent colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) as well as black. We have a fairly extensive database however that provides formulations for mixing facsimiles of many PMS colors. We offer most PMS match formulations for three-digit PMS numbers through #750, and most four digit PMS numbers through #5875. We do not have PMS formulations above and beyond those colors, nor do we have formulations for fluorescent or metallic colors.; however we can often recommend mixing instructions to get you in the range of such colors.