Tutorial One:
Intro to Topcoats: Clearing 1 Shot with Urethane


Offering the ability to clearcoat over 1 Shot pinstriping, lettering and graphics with automotive urethane topcoat clears.


1 Shot Lettering or Pearlescent Enamels, 1 Shot  4007 Hardener


Having prepared your working surface in preparation for clear coating (generally cleaning and abrading), palette your paint with the desired amount of 1 Shot Reducer; and palette in approximately 5-10% 1 Shot 4007 Hardener. Use this mixture for striping, lettering or graphics.

Allow this catalyzed paint to dry for no less than eight hours, and spray the first two coats of urethane clear very light and dry, allowing the manufacturer's suggested time frame between coats. Subsequent coats of clear can be applied as per usual.


When employing this procedure in conjunction with automotive base coat / clear coat systems, it is advisable to apply a coat of the clear topcoat over the base, allow it to dry and wet sand or abrade prior to embellishing with 1 Shot. It is not recommended to use catalyzed 1 Shot (with Hardener added) directly over raw basecoats. The basecoat colors can be drawn up into the 1 Shot, any mistakes or revisions can not be removed from raw base coats, and with the relatively short window between base coat and clear coat; it may be difficult to finish the pinstriping or lettering and allow sufficient drying time prior to applying the clear top coat.

This procedure and product recommendation has been proven to be effective in both a controlled lab as well as under standard shop conditions. It is always advisable, especially when trying a new procedure, to create a test panel first to try this application on prior to attempting to achieve optimum results on a given project. 1 Shot and Matthews Paint are not responsible for any failed attempts or product damages or failures caused by product use or misuse, lack of thorough understanding of and proper execution of the above procedure, or other unforeseen or unplanned for circumstances.