Primers & Blockouts

Low VOC Gray Epoxy Primer & Hardener ZZ5006 / ZZ5007

This 1 Shot Low VOC Gray Epoxy Primer is corrosion resistant and provides excellent adhesion to many types of substrates.

Metal & Wood White Primer 4403101

A high opacity, solvent-based primer with exceptional adhesion qualities over both wood and metal surfaces.

MultiBlock Primer D303

MultiBlock is a highly flexible and fast drying, water reducible primer with excellent adhesion. It is formulated for flexible vinyl billboard canvas and artist's canvas. MultiBlock offers high hiding and superior block out over computer printed vinyl. It meets the strictest of VOC regulations (.98 lbs/gal).

PBOW602 Block Out White 4420602

A high viscosity block out white, higher in pigmentation than PBOW Block Out White, allowing for complete coverage over previously painted signs.

PBOW Fast Dry Block Out White 4420101

A fast drying, high opacity coating designed for use in “blocking out” previously painted sign faces. It can also be used as a primer on new MDO sign faces and is easily sanded. Popular in high rapid production environments due to its fast drying time. Dries to a dead-flat finish.

Metal Bond ZZ5005

A single component spray applied adhesive designed to provide excellent adhesion over hard-to-adhere-to metals. It is a paint adhesive rather than a primer and will accept any of the 1 Shot topcoats. Metal Bond is water clear in color, which makes it an excellent choice as an adhesion promoter when applying 1 Shot or Chromatic products to protect and highlight underlying metals.

Ti-Cote Clear Primer Barrier 4331010

A waterborne primer that dries clear and is intended for use on most flexible synthetic fabrics including untreated banner materials, canvas, leather, leatherette, naugahyde, and many synthetic awning fabrics. Ti-Cote Primer Barrier makes these non-enamel receptive surfaces ready for painting, lettering and striping with 1 Shot Lettering Enamels.