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Safety Data Sheets

Download safety data sheets.

For your convenience, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all 1 Shot products.

Click on each link below to download the PDF of that product's Safety Data Sheet. If you need another SDS, you can try searching the Document Manager.


1 Shot Lettering Enamels

Part Number Description
100L Vermillion
101L Lettering White
102L Fire Red
103L Polar White
104L Bright Red
106L Kool Crimson
108L Maroon
109L Metallic Gold
110L Metallic Copper
111L Metallic Brass
114L Medium Brown
115L Dark Brown
116L Ivory
117L Tan
118L Chamois
120L Coral
124L Orange
130L Primrose Yellow
132L Lemon Yellow
134L Chrome Yellow
141L Sublime Green
142L Emerald Green
143L Process Green
144L Medium Green
148L Dark Green
149L Aqua
150L Blue Green
151L Robin Egg Blue
152L Light Blue
153L Process Blue
154L Peacock Blue
155L Reflex Blue
156L Brilliant Blue
157L Kansas City Teal
158L Dark Blue
160L Violet
161L Proper Purple
162L Purple
163L Magenta
164L Dark Magenta
165L Rubine Red
168L Salmon Pink
191L Imitation Gold
193L Metallic Silver
195L Medium Gray
199L Lettering Black


1 Shot Lettering Enamels: VL Series

Part Number Description
101-VL Lettering White
102-VL Fire Red
103-VL Polar White
104-VL Bright Red
108-VL Maroon
116-VL Ivory
117-VL Tan
124-VL Orange
130-VL Primrose Yellow
134-VL Chrome Yellow
142-VL Emerald Green
149-VL Aqua
152-VL Light Blue
153-VL Process Blue
155-VL Reflex Blue
156-VL Brilliant Blue
157-VL Kansas City Teal
158-VL Dark Blue
160-VL Violet
161-VL Proper Purple
163-VL Magenta
168-VL Salmon Pink
195-VL Medium Gray
199-VL Black Lettering and Striping Enamel


1 Shot Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
4003 Sign Restoring Clear, Gloss
4005 Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear, Gloss
4005AA Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear Aerosol Gloss
4015 Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear, Satin
4016 Anti-Graffiti Clear Gloss, Part A
4018 Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part A
4020 Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part B
ZZ5008 2.1 VOC Urethane Clear


1 Shot Art and Sign Poster Colors

Part Number Description
ZZ3000 White
ZZ3002 Chrome Yellow
ZZ3005 Bright Red
ZZ3007 Purple
ZZ3016 Ultra Blue
3099 Black


1 Shot Fluorescent Colors

Part Number Description
200F Chartreuse
202F Orange
203F Red Orange
204F Red
206F Pink
208F Blue
209F Green
220F Fluorescent UV Topcoat Clear


1 Shot Block Out, Background & Primers

Part Number Description
197B Block Out White
5004 Vinyl Primer
ZZ5005 Metal Bond
ZZ5006 2.1 Epoxy Primer - Gray


1 Shot Additives

Part Number Description
4001 Tinting Black
4002 Tinting White
4004 Brush Cleaner
4007 Hardener
4008 Fast Dry Gold Size
ZZ5007 Gray Epoxy Hardener
ZZ5015 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Fast
ZZ5016 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Slow
ZZ5017 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Extra Slow


1 Shot Reducers

Part Number Description
ZZ6000 ChromaFlo Flow Reducer
ZZ6001 Low Temp Reducer
ZZ6002 High Temp Reducer


1 Shot Pearlescent Enamels

Part Number Description
900P Vermillion
904P Bright Red
930P Primrose Yellow
943P Process Green
948P Dark Green
950P Blue Green
953P Process Blue
955P Reflex Blue
962P Purple
964P Dark Magenta


Chromatic Bulletin Colors

Part Number Description
4010021 Black
4010101 White
4010102 Fire Red
4010104 Bright Red
4010106 Carmine
4010108 Maroon
4010114 Medium Brown
4010115 Dark Brown
4010116 Ivory
4010124 Orange
4010130 Primrose Yellow
4010132 Lemon Yellow
4010134 Chrome Yellow
4010140 Light Green
4010142 Emerald Green
4010144 Medium Green
4010148 Dark Green
4010152 Light Blue
4010153 Process Blue
4010156 Brilliant Blue
4010158 Dark Blue
4010162 Purple
4010163 Magenta
4010166 Reflex Blue
4010195 Medium Gray
4010021F Flat Black
4010101SW Super White


Chromatic Background Enamels

Part Number Description
4108101 BEW White


Chromatic Industrial Enamels

Part Number Description
4117101HP High Performance White
4117101SP High Performance White - Special (Roller)


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Solvent Based)

Part Number Description
4403101 PMWPW Metal & Wood Primer White
4420101 PBOW Fast Dry Block Out White
4420602 PBOW602 High Viscosity Block Out White


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Water Based)

Part Number Description
4411008 Universal White Primer
4411010 White High Build Primer


Chromatic Vinyl Coatings (Water Based)

Part Number Description
4331010 TI-COTE Clear Primer Barrier Coat, Gloss
4331011 TI-COTE Clear Primer Barrier Coat, Flat


Chromatic Additives

Part Number Description
4329500 Clear Flattening Paste
4704700 Splash


Chromatic Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
4331020 Graphiguard High Gloss Clear
4331030 Graphiguard Matte Clear


DANACOLORS White Bulletin Enamels

Part Number Description
D1000 HI-LUSTER Background White



Part Number Description
D406 SMITH'S CREAM Painting Medium
D417 White Refined Linseed Oil
D303 MULTIPBLOCK High Hide Vinyl Primer & Gess


Discontinued 1 Shot Products

Part Number Description
ZZ3014 Brown
4010143 Process Green


Show off your 1 Shot work and get new ideas!