Customize your application with Matthews Additives to achieve your project goals! Our suede additives provide a unique, textured finish. Matthews metallic tones help you achieve optimum brilliance. Brush and roll additives offer maximum leveling and flow characteristics. Our low VOC basecoat converters allow you to paint multicolor signs in hours instead of days.

MAP Ultra Low VOC Reducers

For best results it is imperative that the appropriate reducer be chosen for the appropriate product type, temperature range, VOC compliancy rating and the physical size of the surface being coated.
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Ultra Low VOC Reducers

MAP Ultra Low VOC Reducer for Spray MAP-LVRS01

MAP Ultra Low VOC Reducer for Spray with Pot Life Extender MAP-LVRS02

MAP Ultra Low VOC Reducer MAP-LVRS03

MAP-LVRB51/01 Ultra Low VOC Brush & Roll Reducer

MAP-LVRB51/01* Ultra Low VOC Brush & Roll Reducer is designed to be mixed in Ultra Low VOC Acrylic Polyurethane color or clearcoats to provide maximum leveling and flow characteristics when brush and roll application is preferred. This product allows more open time for brush and roll workability. MAP-LVRB51/01* meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
*Also available in /04