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Safety Data Sheets

For your convenience, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all Matthews Paint products.

Click on each link below to download the PDF of that product's Safety Data Sheet. If you need another SDS, you can try searching the Document Manager.

Matthews Paint

Matthews Topcoats

Part Number Description
N Satin MAP
MAP-LVS Ultra Low VOC Satin
MAP-LVG Ultra Low VOC Gloss


Matthews MAP Factory Packaged Color

Part Number Description
41306SP Signal Jet Black
41312SP Medium Bronze
41313SP Dark Bronze
41314SP Old Copper
41335SP Anodic Black
41342SP Brushed Aluminum
42212SP Scarlet Red
42214SP Mexicali Red
42215SP Burgundy Maroon
42218SP Sundance Yellow
42219SP Capri Blue
42259SP Federal Green
46253SP Copper
46258SP Gold
46400SP Brilliant Gold
46401SP Aztec Gold
46402SP Aztec Copper
6422SP Gloss Hi-Hide White
6425SP Satin Hi-Hide White


Matthews Proseco Series

Part Number Description
48101SP Gold Standard Silver
48102SP Silver Rose
48103SP Brass Alloy
48104SP Polished Pewter
48105SP Bronze Hint
48107SP Golden Glow
48108SP Blue Steel


Matthews Conventional Satin MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
N 202SP White
N 911SP Violet
N 912SP Maroon
N 913SP Magenta
N 914SP Dark Red
N 915SP Red Oxide
N 917SP Yellow Oxide
N 920SP Blue
N 921SP Green
N 923SP Black
N 925SP New Blue
N 929SP Carbon Black
N 930SP Light Red
N 931SP Transparent Red Oxide
N 932SP Transparent Yellow Oxide
N 940SP Red Yellow
N 942SP Green Yellow
N 943SP High-Hide Yellow
N 946SP Bright Red
N 947SP Scarlet Red
N 951SP Medium Silver
N 952SP Sparkle Silver
N 953SP Super Sparkle Silver
N 954SP Fine Silver


Matthews Conventional Gloss MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
SOA 202SP White
SOA 911SP Violet
SOA 912SP Maroon
SOA 913SP Magenta
SOA 914SP Dark Red
SOA 915SP Red Oxide
SOA 917SP Yellow Oxide
SOA 920SP Blue
SOA 921SP Green
SOA 923SP Black
SOA 925SP New Blue
SOA 929SP Carbon Black
SOA 930SP Light Red
SOA 931SP Transparent Red Oxide
SOA 932SP Transparent Yellow Oxide
SOA 940SP Red Yellow
SOA 942SP Green Yellow
SOA 943SP High-Hide Yellow
SOA 946SP Bright Red
SOA 947SP Scarlet Red
SOA 951SP Medium Silver
SOA 952SP Sparkle Silver
SOA 953SP Super Sparkle Silver
SOA 954SP Fine Silver


Matthews VOC MAP Factory Packaged Color

Part Number Description
SVOC1304SP Satin Hi-Hide White
281500SP High Reflective White


Matthews Low VOC Satin MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
SV 202SP White
SV 911SP Violet
SV 912SP Maroon
SV 913SP Magenta
SV 914SP Dark Red
SV 915SP Red Oxide
SV 917SP Yellow Oxide
SV 920SP Blue
SV 921SP Green
SV 923SP Black
SV 925SP New Blue
SV 929SP Carbon Black
SV 930SP Light Red
SV 931SP Transparent Red Oxide
SV 932SP Transparent Yellow Oxide
SV 940SP Red Yellow
SV 942SP Green Yellow
SV 943SP High-Hide Yellow
SV 946SP Bright Red
SV 947SP Scarlet Red
SV 951SP Medium Silver
SV 952SP Sparkle Silver
SV 953SP Super Sparkle Silver
SV 954SP Fine Silver
SV 228SP Satin VOC Clear
SV 208SP Satin VOC High Gloss Clear


Matthews Pearls

Part Number Description
287190SP Crimson
287192SP Opal Blue
287193SP Gold Dust
287195SP Frost White
287196SP Russet
287197SP Copper


Matthews Undercoats

Part Number Description
274228SP E Prime White 2.8
274685SP VOC U Prime
274808SP Rust Inhibiting Black Epoxy
274908SP Rust Inhibiting White Epoxy
6001SP Polyester Primer Surfacer
6007SP Gray Epoxy Primer
74350SP 3.5 Non-Chromate Etch Primer
74734SP Metal Pretreatment
74760SP PT Filler
74770SP HBPT
74777SP Tie Bond Adhesive
274777SP Low VOC Tie Bond Adhesive
74780SP High Build Etching Filler (HBEF)
274793SP Low VOC Spray Bond
274528SP 2.1 Gray Epoxy Primer
274530SP 2.1 White Epoxy Primer
274531SP 2.1 Black Epoxy Primer
SMHB404A High Build Primer Filler (Part A)
SMP001A Primer Part A
SMPFV205A Wash Primer 3.5 VOC
Z6248 White Primer
SMP002A White Epoxy Primer


Matthews Hardeners

Part Number Description
274229SP E Prime Hardener 2.8
274686SP U Prime Hardener
274909SP Epoxy Hardener
6201SP Polyester Primer Surfacer Hardener
6207SP Gray Epoxy Primer Hardener
74351SP Non-Chromate Primer Hardener
74735SP Activator
74766SP PT Activator
74781SP HBEF Activator
274529SP 2.1 Gray Epoxy Primer Hardener
SMHB404B High Build Primer Hardener (Part B)
SMP001B Primer Part B
SMPFV205B Wash Primer Activator 3.5 VOC


Matthews Catalysts

Part Number Description
283320SP Satin VOC Catalyst
283800SP VOC MAP Catalyst
283920SP Super Satin Clear Catalyst
43270SP Universal Catalyst
43621SP Brushing Catalyst
43999SP Slow Catalyst
6278SP High Performance Catalyst


Matthews Clears

Part Number Description
281228SP VOC Satin Clear
282208SP VOC Gloss Clear
282260SP VOC Braco Clear
290228SP Super Satin Clear
42208SP Clear Gloss
42228SP Satin Clear
42260SP Braco Clear
42900SP Matte Clear
6178SP High Performance Clear
SOA365SP Clear Semi Gloss
SOA4158SP ADA Clear
SV228SP Satin VOC Clear
SV208SP Satin VOC High Gloss Clear


Matthews Additives

Part Number Description
287103SP Low VOC Basecoat Converter - Slow
287112SP Suede Additive - Medium
287113SP Suede Additive - Coarse
287437SP Accelerator
287484SP HS Turbo Enhancer
287750SP Exempt Flattening Paste
47117SP Accelerator
47333SP MAP Anti-Crater Solution
47444SP Brushing/Rolling Additive
47474SP Flex Additive
47888SP Flattening Paste
SOA 955SP Matting Clear
6448SP Extender
SM166A Tape IT Accelerator


Matthews Conventional Reducers

Part Number Description
45127SP Pretreatment Retarder
45251SP Retarder
45280SP Warm Temperature Reducer
45290SP Very Warm Temperature Reducer
6379SP Cool Temperature Reducer
6396SP Hot Temperature Reducer


Matthews Low VOC Reducers

Part Number Description
6300SP Cool VOC Reducer
6301SP Warm VOC Reducer
6302SP Hot VOC Reducer
6370SP Cool Temperature Exempt Reducer
6371SP Warm Temperature Exempt Reducer
6372SP Hot Temperature Exempt Reducer


Matthews Reactive Reducers

Part Number Description
6378SP-S HP Clear Reactive Reducer - Slow
6378SP-M HP Clear Reactive Reducer - Medium


Matthews Cleaners

Part Number Description
45330SP Speed Prep Cleaner
6405SP Low VOC Cleaner
6428SP Plastic Prep


Discontinued Matthews Products

Part Number Description
281312SP Medium Bronze
281342SP Brushed Aluminum
282202SP Natural White
282204SP Gloss Black
282214SP Mexicali Red
286253SP Copper
286258SP Tucson Gold
286400SP Brilliant Gold
286401SP Aztec Gold
287102SP Low VOC Basecoat Converter
42202SP Natural White
6201SP Flexible Sealer Catalyst
6225SP TactileClear™ Catalyst
SOA950SP Gloss Modifier
74793SP Spray Bond
45340SP Cleanz-It
MAP-LVU200 Tintable Primer



MAP-LV Satin Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
MAP-LVS202 White
MAP-LVS911 Violet
MAP-LVS912 Maroon
MAP-LVS913 Magenta
MAP-LVS914 Dark Red
MAP-LVS915 Red Oxide
MAP-LVS917 Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVS920 Blue
MAP-LVS921 Green
MAP-LVS923 Black
MAP-LVS925 New Blue
MAP-LVS929 Carbon Black
MAP-LVS930 Light Red
MAP-LVS931 Transparent Red Oxide
MAP-LVS932 Transparent Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVS940 Red Yellow
MAP-LVS942 Green Yellow
MAP-LVS947 Scarlet Red
MAP-LVS951 Medium Silver
MAP-LVS953 Super Sparkle Silver
MAP-LVS954 Fine Silver


MAP-LV Gloss Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
MAP-LVG202 White
MAP-LVG911 Violet
MAP-LVG912 Maroon
MAP-LVG913 Magenta
MAP-LVG914 Dark Red
MAP-LVG915 Red Oxide
MAP-LVG917 Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVG920 Blue
MAP-LVG921 Green
MAP-LVG923 Black
MAP-LVG925 New Blue
MAP-LVG929 Carbon Black
MAP-LVG930 Light Red
MAP-LVG931 Transparent Red Oxide
MAP-LVG932 Transparent Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVG940 Red Yellow
MAP-LVG942 Green Yellow
MAP-LVG947 Scarlet Red
MAP-LVG951 Medium Silver
MAP-LVG953 Super Sparkle Silver
MAP-LVG954 Fine Silver


MAP-LV Undercoats

Part Number Description
MAP-LVU100 White Epoxy Primer


MAP-LV Catalyst/Hardeners

Part Number Description
MAP-LVX270 MAP-LV Catalyst
MAP-LVX101 Epoxy Hardener


MAP-LV Clearcoats

Part Number Description
MAP-LVC208 MAP-LV Gloss Clear
MAP-LVC228 MAP-LV Satin Clear
MAP-LVC238 MAP-LV Matte Clear


MAP-LV Cleaners

Part Number Description
6405SP Low VOC Cleaner


MAP-LV Additives

Part Number Description
MAP-LVA117 Accelerator


MAP-LV Reducers

Part Number Description
MAP-LVRS01 Spray Reducer
MAP-LVRS02 Spray Reducer/Extender
MAP-LVRS03 Hot Temp Reducer/Extender
MAP-LVRU01 Exempt Low VOC Primer Reducer
MAP-LVRB51 Brush/Roll Reducer


MAP-LV Factory Pack Colors

Part Number Description
LVSFP342 Brushed Aluminum
LVSFP400 Brilliant Gold
LVSFP313 Dark Bronze


EZ Spray

EZ Spray

Part Number Description
AER2K10 Spray Aerosol for N, SOA and SVOC - available in Spanish
AER2K15 Spray Aerosol for N, SOA and SVOC
MAP-LV2K10 Spray Aerosol for MAP-LV - available in Spanish
MAP-LV2K15 Spray Aerosol for MAP-LV



Lacryl 400 (Spray)

Part Number Description
ZZ205 General Purpose Thinner
ZZ205HF Lacryl B5101 Thinner
ZZ206 Remover
ZZ215 Slow Thinner (for Hot & Humid Climates)
403 White (Lead Free)
403-18DR White (Lead Free)
404 Blue White
406 White
412 Buttercup Yellow
413 Daffodil
415 Lemon Yellow (4-Color)
416 Lemon Yellow (Lead Free)
417 Buttercup (Lead Free)
421 Pumpkin
424 Sun Orange (Lead Free)
425 Pumpkin (Lead Free)
432 Permanent Red (Lead Free)
437 Unique Red
438 Dark Red
439 Flame Red
440 Magenta (Lead Free)
443 Deep Red (Lead Free)
444 Apple Red (Lead Free)
446 Deep Plum (Lead Free)
447 Unique Red (Lead Free)
451 Light Brown (Lead Free)
452 Pale Brown (Lead Free)
453 Dark Brown (Lead Free)
455 Medium Bronze (Lead Free)
456 Dark Bronze (Lead Free)
ZZ460 Midnight Blue (Lead Free)
461 Ocean Blue (Lead Free)
462 Carib Blue (4-Color; Lead Free)
463 Bright Blue (Lead Free)
470 Fir Green (Lead Free)
471 Shamrock Green (Lead Free)
480 Black (4-Color; Lead Free)
481 Black Matte (Lead Free)
482 Black High-Hiding (Lead Free)
490 Clear Gloss (Lead Free)
491 Clear Matte (Lead Free)
492 Clear Gloss with UV (Lead Free)
493 Clear Matte with UV (Lead Free)
496 Metallic Silver (Lead Free)
497 Metallic Gold (Lead Free)
498 Silver Gray Blockout (Lead Free)
499 Flexible Face Topcoat (Lead Free)


Lacryl 800 (Screen)

Part Number Description
ZZ206 Remover
ZZ208 General Purpose Thinner
ZZ218 Retarder
801 White (Lead Free)
806 White Super Concentrated (Lead Free)
812 Buttercup
813 Daffodil
815 Lemon Yellow (4-Color)
821 Pumpkin
832 Permanent Red (Lead Free)
837 Unique Red
837LF Unique Red (Lead Free)
839 Flame Red
839LF Flame Red (Lead Free)
840 Magenta (Lead Free)
843 Deep Red (Lead Free)
844 Apple Red
846 Deep Plum (Lead Free)
851 Light Brown (Lead Free)
852 Pale Brown (Lead Free)
860 Midnight Blue (Lead Free)
ZZ861 Ocean Blue (Lead Free)
862 Carib Blue (4-Color; Lead Free)
863 Bright Blue (Lead Free)
870 Fir Green (Lead Free)
871 Shamrock Green (Lead Free)
880 Black (4-Color; Lead Free)
882 Black High-Hiding (Lead Free)
890 Clear Gloss (Lead Free)
891 Clear Matte (Lead Free)
896 Metallic Silver (Lead Free)
898 Silver Gray Blockout (Lead Free)
SH5106 White Primer Air Dry


Series 20

Series 20 (Metal)

Part Number Description
ZZ203091 Gloss Modifier
ZZ20-313 Duranodic 313 (Lead Free)
ZZ20-313E Duranodic 313E (Lead Free)
ZZ20-01 White
ZZ20-02 White Matte
ZZ20-80 Black Gloss (Lead Free)
ZZ20-81 Black Matte (Lead Free)
ZZ20-CL Clear (Lead Free)
ZZ20-WH White Concentrate (Lead Free)
70400 Star-Brite White II
Z6221 Star-Brite White II EF


Discontinued Series 20 Products

Part Number Description
ZZ20-LB Lamp Black (Lead Free)
ZZ20-PY Primrose Yellow (Lead Free)


Field Master

Field Master

Part Number Description
FM100 Gloss Modifier
FM102 White Satin
FM104 Red Oxide Primer
FM105 Light Gray Primer
FM123 Black Satin
FM151 Medium Aluminum
FM152 Fine Aluminum
FM153 Coarse Aluminum
FM154 Extra Fine Aluminum
FM169 Reducer
FM171 Brushed Aluminum
FM172 Duranodic 313
FM302 White Gloss
FM311 Violet
FM312 Maroon
FM313 Magenta
FM314 Cherry Red
FM315 Red Oxide
FM317 Yellow Oxide
FM320 Regal Blue
FM321 Phthalo Green
FM323 Black
FM325 Liberty Blue
FM330 Cardinal Red
FM331 Transparent Red Oxide
FM332 Transparent Yellow Oxide
FM340 Sunflower Yellow
FM342 Lemon Yellow
FM343 High-Hide Yellow
FM346 Bright Red
FM347 Poppy Red
FM377 Clear Gloss


Sign Strip & Booth Strip

Sign Strip

Part Number Description
Z5727 Sign Strip Blue
Z5741 Sign Strip Blue II (ZR-5050)
Z5741VL Sign Strip Blue II (ZR-5050)
Z6024 Sign Strip Blue (NBSS)


Booth Strip

Part Number Description
Z5955 Booth Strip


Discontinued Sign Strip Products

Part Number Description
Z5070 Clear
Z5716 Sign Strip Clear
Z5915 Sign Strip Blue
Z6024 Sign Strip Blue (NBSS)
Z6198 Blue Strippable Maskant


1 Shot

1 Shot Lettering Enamels

Part Number Description
100L Vermillion
101L Lettering White
102L Fire Red
103L Polar White
104L Bright Red
106L Kool Crimson
108L Maroon
109L Metallic Gold
110L Metallic Copper
111L Metallic Brass
114L Medium Brown
115L Dark Brown
116L Ivory
117L Tan
118L Chamois
120L Coral
124L Orange
130L Primrose Yellow
132L Lemon Yellow
134L Chrome Yellow
141L Sublime Green
142L Emerald Green
143L Process Green
144L Medium Green
148L Dark Green
149L Aqua
150L Blue Green
151L Robin Egg Blue
152L Light Blue
153L Process Blue
154L Peacock Blue
155L Reflex Blue
156L Brilliant Blue
157L Kansas City Teal
158L Dark Blue
160L Violet
161L Proper Purple
162L Purple
163L Magenta
164L Dark Magenta
165L Rubine Red
168L Salmon Pink
191L Imitation Gold
193L Metallic Silver
195L Medium Gray
199L Lettering Black


1 Shot Lettering Enamels: VL Series

Part Number Description
101-VL Lettering White
102-VL Fire Red
103-VL Polar White
104-VL Bright Red
108-VL Maroon
116-VL Ivory
117-VL Tan
124-VL Orange
130-VL Primrose Yellow
134-VL Chrome Yellow
142-VL Emerald Green
149-VL Aqua
152-VL Light Blue
153-VL Process Blue
155-VL Reflex Blue
156-VL Brilliant Blue
157-VL Kansas City Teal
158-VL Dark Blue
160-VL Violet
161-VL Proper Purple
163-VL Magenta
168-VL Salmon Pink
195-VL Medium Gray
199-VL Black Lettering and Striping Enamel


1 Shot Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
4003 Sign Restoring Clear, Gloss
4005 Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear, Gloss
4005AA Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear Aerosol Gloss
4015 Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear, Satin
4016 Anti-Graffiti Clear Gloss, Part A
4018 Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part A
4020 Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part B
ZZ5008 2.1 VOC Urethane Clear


1 Shot Art and Sign Poster Colors

Part Number Description
ZZ3000 White
ZZ3002 Chrome Yellow
ZZ3005 Bright Red
ZZ3007 Purple
ZZ3016 Ultra Blue
3099 Black


1 Shot Fluorescent Colors

Part Number Description
200F Chartreuse
202F Orange
203F Red Orange
204F Red
206F Pink
208F Blue
209F Green
220F Fluorescent UV Topcoat Clear


1 Shot Block Out, Background & Primers

Part Number Description
197B Block Out White
5004 Vinyl Primer
ZZ5005 Metal Bond
ZZ5006 2.1 Epoxy Primer - Gray


1 Shot Additives

Part Number Description
4001 Tinting Black
4002 Tinting White
4004 Brush Cleaner
4007 Hardener
4008 Fast Dry Gold Size
ZZ5007 Gray Epoxy Hardener
ZZ5015 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Fast
ZZ5016 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Slow
ZZ5017 2.1 VOC Urethane Hardener - Extra Slow


1 Shot Reducers

Part Number Description
ZZ6000 ChromaFlo Flow Reducer
ZZ6001 Low Temp Reducer
ZZ6002 High Temp Reducer


1 Shot Pearlescent Enamels

Part Number Description
900P Vermillion
904P Bright Red
930P Primrose Yellow
943P Process Green
948P Dark Green
950P Blue Green
953P Process Blue
955P Reflex Blue
962P Purple
964P Dark Magenta


Chromatic Bulletin Colors

Part Number Description
4010021 Black
4010101 White
4010102 Fire Red
4010104 Bright Red
4010106 Carmine
4010108 Maroon
4010114 Medium Brown
4010115 Dark Brown
4010116 Ivory
4010124 Orange
4010130 Primrose Yellow
4010132 Lemon Yellow
4010134 Chrome Yellow
4010140 Light Green
4010142 Emerald Green
4010144 Medium Green
4010148 Dark Green
4010152 Light Blue
4010153 Process Blue
4010156 Brilliant Blue
4010158 Dark Blue
4010162 Purple
4010163 Magenta
4010166 Reflex Blue
4010195 Medium Gray
4010021F Flat Black
4010101SW Super White


Chromatic Background Enamels

Part Number Description
4108101 BEW White


Chromatic Industrial Enamels

Part Number Description
4117101HP High Performance White
4117101SP High Performance White - Special (Roller)


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Solvent Based)

Part Number Description
4403101 PMWPW Metal & Wood Primer White
4420101 PBOW Fast Dry Block Out White
4420602 PBOW602 High Viscosity Block Out White


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Water Based)

Part Number Description
4411008 Universal White Primer
4411010 White High Build Primer


Chromatic Vinyl Coatings (Water Based)

Part Number Description
4331010 TI-COTE Clear Primer Barrier Coat, Gloss
4331011 TI-COTE Clear Primer Barrier Coat, Flat


Chromatic Additives

Part Number Description
4329500 Clear Flattening Paste
4704700 Splash


Chromatic Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
4331020 Graphiguard High Gloss Clear
4331030 Graphiguard Matte Clear


DANACOLORS White Bulletin Enamels

Part Number Description
D1000 HI-LUSTER Background White



Part Number Description
D406 SMITH'S CREAM Painting Medium
D417 White Refined Linseed Oil
D303 MULTIPBLOCK High Hide Vinyl Primer & Gess


Discontinued 1 Shot Products

Part Number Description
ZZ3014 Brown
4010143 Process Green