Safety Data Sheets

For your convenience, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all Matthews Paint products.


Click on each link below to open a PDF of that product's Safety Data Sheet in a new tab or window. If you need another SDS, you can try searching the Document Manager.

Matthews Paint brand

Matthews Topcoats

Part Number Description
N/01 Satin MAP
SOA/01 MAP Gloss
MAP-LVS/01 Ultra Low VOC Satin
MAP-LVG/01 Ultra Low VOC Gloss


Matthews MAP Factory Packaged Color

Part Number Description
41306SP/01 Signal Jet Black
41312SP/01 Medium Bronze
41313SP/01 Dark Bronze
41314SP/01 Old Copper
41335SP/01 Anodic Black
41342SP/01 Brushed Aluminum
42212SP/01 Scarlet Red
42214SP/01 Mexicali Red
42215SP/01 Burgundy Maroon
42218SP/01 Sundance Yellow
42219SP/01 Capri Blue
42259SP/01 Federal Green
46253SP/01 Copper
46258SP/01 Gold
46400SP/01 Brilliant Gold
46401SP/01 Aztec Gold
46402SP/01 Aztec Copper
6422SP/01 Gloss Hi-Hide White
6425SP/01 Satin Hi-Hide White


Matthews Proseco Series

Part Number Description
48101SP/01 Gold Standard Silver
48102SP/01 Silver Rose
48103SP/01 Brass Alloy
48104SP/01 Polished Pewter
48105SP/01 Bronze Hint
48107SP/01 Golden Glow
48108SP/01 Blue Steel


Matthews Conventional Satin MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
N202SP/01 White
N911SP/01 Violet
N912SP/01 Maroon
N913SP/01 Magenta
N914SP/01 Dark Red
N915SP/01 Red Oxide
N917SP/01 Yellow Oxide
N920SP/01 Blue
N921SP/01 Green
N923SP/01 Black
N925SP/01 New Blue
N929SP/01 Carbon Black
N930SP/01 Light Red
N931SP/01 Transparent Red Oxide
N932SP/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide
N940SP/01 Red Yellow
N942SP/01 Green Yellow
N943SP/01 High-Hide Yellow
N946SP/01 Bright Red
N947SP/01 Scarlet Red
N951SP/01 Medium Silver
N952SP/01 Sparkle Silver
N953SP/01 Super Sparkle Silver
N954SP/01 Fine Silver


Matthews Conventional Gloss MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
SOA202SP/01 White
SOA911SP/01 Violet
SOA912SP/01 Maroon
SOA913SP/01 Magenta
SOA914SP/01 Dark Red
SOA915SP/01 Red Oxide
SOA917SP/01 Yellow Oxide
SOA920SP/01 Blue
SOA921SP/01 Green
SOA923SP/01 Black
SOA925SP/01 New Blue
SOA929SP/01 Carbon Black
SOA930SP/01 Light Red
SOA931SP/01 Transparent Red Oxide
SOA932SP/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide
SOA940SP/01 Red Yellow
SOA942SP/01 Green Yellow
SOA943SP/01 High-Hide Yellow
SOA946SP/01 Bright Red
SOA947SP/01 Scarlet Red
SOA951SP/01 Medium Silver
SOA952SP/01 Sparkle Silver
SOA953SP/01 Super Sparkle Silver
SOA954SP/01 Fine Silver


Matthews VOC MAP Factory Packaged Color

Part Number Description
SVOC1304SP/01 Satin Hi-Hide White
281500SP/01 High Reflective White


Matthews Low VOC Satin MAP Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
SV202SP/01 White
SV911SP/01 Violet
SV912SP/01 Maroon
SV913SP/01 Magenta
SV914SP/01 Dark Red
SV915SP/01 Red Oxide
SV917SP/01 Yellow Oxide
SV920SP/01 Blue
SV921SP/01 Green
SV923SP/01 Black
SV925SP/01 New Blue
SV929SP/01 Carbon Black
SV930SP/01 Light Red
SV931SP/01 Transparent Red Oxide
SV932SP/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide
SV940SP/01 Red Yellow
SV942SP/01 Green Yellow
SV943SP/01 High-Hide Yellow
SV946SP/01 Bright Red
SV947SP/01 Scarlet Red
SV951SP/01 Medium Silver
SV952SP/01 Sparkle Silver
SV953SP/01 Super Sparkle Silver
SV954SP/01 Fine Silver
SV228SP/01 Satin VOC Clear
SV208SP/01 Satin VOC High Gloss Clear


Matthews Pearls

Part Number Description
287190SP/6Z Crimson
287192SP/6Z Opal Blue
287193SP/6Z Gold Dust
287195SP/6Z Frost White
287196SP/6Z Russet
287197SP/6Z Copper


Matthews Undercoats

Part Number Description
274228SP/01* E Prime White 2.8
274685SP/01 VOC U Prime
274808SP/01 Rust Inhibiting Black Epoxy
274908SP/01 Rust Inhibiting White Epoxy
6001SP/01 Polyester Primer Surfacer
6007SP/01 Gray Epoxy Primer
274535SP/01 Brilliant White Primer
74350SP/01 3.5 Non-Chromate Etch Primer
74734SP/01 Metal Pretreatment
74760SP/01 PT Filler
74770SP/01 HBPT
74777SP/01 Tie Bond Adhesive
274777SP/01 Low VOC Tie Bond Adhesive
74780SP/01 High Build Etching Filler (HBEF)
274793SP/01 Low VOC Spray Bond
274528SP/01 2.1 Gray Epoxy Primer
274530SP/01 2.1 White Epoxy Primer
274531SP/01 2.1 Black Epoxy Primer
SMHB404A/01* High Build Primer Filler (Part A)
SMP001A/01* Primer Part A
SMPFV205A/01* Wash Primer 3.5 VOC
Z6248/01* White Primer
SMP002A/01* White Epoxy Primer

*Product is Discontinued

Matthews Hardeners

Part Number Description
274229SP/04* E Prime Hardener 2.8
274686SP/04 U Prime Hardener
274909SP/04 Epoxy Hardener
6201SP/1Z Polyester Primer Surfacer Hardener
6207SP/01 Gray Epoxy Primer Hardener
74351SP/01 Non-Chromate Primer Hardener
74735SP/01 Activator
74766SP/01 PT Activator
74781SP/01 HBEF Activator
274529SP/04 2.1 Gray Epoxy Primer Hardener
SMHB404B/01* High Build Primer Hardener (Part B)
SMP001B/01* Primer Part B
SMPFV205B/01* Wash Primer Activator 3.5 VOC

*Product is Discontinued

Matthews Catalysts

Part Number Description
(also /04)
Satin VOC Catalyst
283800SP/01 VOC MAP Catalyst
(also /4Z)
Super Satin Clear Catalyst
(also /04)
Universal Catalyst
43621SP/04 Brushing Catalyst
43999SP/01 Slow Catalyst
6278SP/01 High Performance Catalyst


Matthews Clears

Part Number Description
281228SP/01 VOC Satin Clear
282208SP/01 VOC Gloss Clear
282260SP/01 VOC Braco Clear
290228-1/KT or
290228-4 KT
Super Satin Clear
42208SP/01 Clear Gloss
42228SP/01 Satin Clear
42260SP/01 Braco Clear
42900SP/01 Matte Clear
6178SP/01 High Performance Clear
SOA365SP/01 Clear Semi Gloss
SOA4158SP/01 ADA Clear
SV228SP/01 Satin VOC Clear
SV208SP/01 Satin VOC High Gloss Clear


Matthews Additives

Part Number Description
287103SP/01 Low VOC Basecoat Converter - Slow
287112SP/04 Suede Additive - Medium
287113SP/04 Suede Additive - Coarse
287437SP/08 Accelerator
287484SP/08 HS Turbo Enhancer
287750SP/01 Exempt Flattening Paste
47117SP/04 Accelerator
47444SP/04 Brushing/Rolling Additive
47474SP/04 Flex Additive
47888SP/01 Flattening Paste
SOA955SP/01 Matting Clear
SM166A/04 Tape IT Accelerator


Matthews Conventional Reducers

Part Number Description
45127SP/01 Pretreatment Retarder
45251SP/01 Retarder
45280SP/01 Warm Temperature Reducer
45290SP/01 Very Warm Temperature Reducer
6379SP/01 Cool Temperature Reducer
6396SP/01 Hot Temperature Reducer


Matthews Low VOC Reducers

Part Number Description
6300SP/01 Cool VOC Reducer
6301SP/01 Warm VOC Reducer
6302SP/01 Hot VOC Reducer
6370SP/01 Cool Temperature Exempt Reducer
6371SP/01 Warm Temperature Exempt Reducer
6372SP/01 Hot Temperature Exempt Reducer


Matthews Reactive Reducers

Part Number Description
6378SP-S/01 HP Clear Reactive Reducer - Slow


Matthews Cleaners

Part Number Description
45330SP/01 Speed Prep Cleaner
6405SP/01 Low VOC Cleaner
6428SP/01 Plastic Prep
6410SP/01 Low VOC PreCleaner


MAP Ultra Low VOC

MAP-LV Satin Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
MAP-LVS202/01 White
MAP-LVS911/01 Violet
MAP-LVS912/01 Maroon
MAP-LVS913/01 Magenta
MAP-LVS914/01 Dark Red
MAP-LVS915/01 Red Oxide
MAP-LVS917/01 Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVS920/01 Blue
MAP-LVS921/01 Green
MAP-LVS923/01 Black
MAP-LVS925/01 New Blue
MAP-LVS929/01 Carbon Black
MAP-LVS930/01 Light Red
MAP-LVS931/01 Transparent Red Oxide
MAP-LVS932/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVS940/01 Red Yellow
MAP-LVS942/01 Green Yellow
MAP-LVS947/01 Scarlet Red
MAP-LVS951/01 Medium Silver
MAP-LVS953/01 Super Sparkle Silver
MAP-LVS954/01 Fine Silver


MAP-LV Gloss Mixing Bases

Part Number Description
MAP-LVG202/01 White
MAP-LVG911/01 Violet
MAP-LVG912/01 Maroon
MAP-LVG913/01 Magenta
MAP-LVG914/01 Dark Red
MAP-LVG915/01 Red Oxide
MAP-LVG917/01 Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVG920/01 Blue
MAP-LVG921/01 Green
MAP-LVG923/01 Black
MAP-LVG925/01 New Blue
MAP-LVG929/01 Carbon Black
MAP-LVG930/01 Light Red
MAP-LVG931/01 Transparent Red Oxide
MAP-LVG932/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide
MAP-LVG940/01 Red Yellow
MAP-LVG942/01 Green Yellow
MAP-LVG947/01 Scarlet Red
MAP-LVG951/01 Medium Silver
MAP-LVG953/01 Super Sparkle Silver
MAP-LVG954/01 Fine Silver


MAP-LV Undercoats

Part Number Description
MAP-LVU100/01 White Epoxy Primer
MAP-LVU200/01* Tintable Primer

*Product is Discontinued

MAP-LV Catalyst/Hardeners

Part Number Description
(also /04)
MAP-LV Catalyst
MAP-LVX101/04 Epoxy Hardener


MAP-LV Clearcoats

Part Number Description
MAP-LVC208/01 MAP-LV Gloss Clear
MAP-LVC228/01 MAP-LV Satin Clear
MAP-LVC238/01 MAP-LV Matte Clear


MAP-LV Cleaners

Part Number Description
6405SP/01 Low VOC Cleaner


MAP-LV Additives

Part Number Description
MAP-LVA117/08 Accelerator


MAP-LV Reducers

Part Number Description
(also /04)
Spray Reducer
MAP-LVRS02/01 Spray Reducer/Extender
MAP-LVRS03/01 Hot Temp Reducer/Extender
MAP-LVRU01/04 Exempt Low VOC Primer Reducer
(also /04)
Brush/Roll Reducer


MAP-LV Factory Pack Colors

Part Number Description
LVSFP342/01 Brushed Aluminum
LVSFP400/01 Brilliant Gold
LVSFP313/01 Dark Bronze


EZ Spray brand

EZ Spray

Part Number Description
AER2K10/EZ Spray Aerosol for N, SOA and SVOC - AER2K10/EZ available in Spanish
AER2K15/EZ Spray Aerosol for N, SOA and SVOC
MAP-LV2K10/EZ Spray Aerosol for MAP-LV - MAP-LV2K10/EZ available in Spanish
MAP-LV2K15/EZ Spray Aerosol for MAP-LV


Lacryl brand

Lacryl 400 (Spray)

Part Number Description
(also /PL & /DR)
General Purpose Thinner
ZZ205HF/DR Lacryl B5101 Thinner
(also /PL & /DR)
ZZ215/01 Slow Thinner (for Hot & Humid Climates)
(also /PL)
White (Lead Free)
403-18DR/DR White (Lead Free)
(also /PL)
Blue White
(also /DR)
412/01 Buttercup Yellow
413/01 Daffodil
415/01 Lemon Yellow (4-Color)
416/01 Lemon Yellow (Lead Free)
417/01 Buttercup (Lead Free)
421/01 Pumpkin
421LF/01 Pumpkin (Lead Free)
424/01 Sun Orange (Lead Free)
425/01 Pumpkin (Lead Free)
432/01 Permanent Red (Lead Free)
437/01 Unique Red
437LF/01 Unique Red (Lead Free)
438/01 Dark Red
439/01 Flame Red
439LF/01 Flame Red (Lead Free)
440/01 Magenta (Lead Free)
443/01 Deep Red (Lead Free)
444/01 Apple Red (Lead Free)
446/01 Deep Plum (Lead Free)
447/01 Unique Red (Lead Free)
451/01 Light Brown (Lead Free)
452/01 Pale Brown (Lead Free)
453/01 Dark Brown (Lead Free)
455/01 Medium Bronze (Lead Free)
456/01 Dark Bronze (Lead Free)
ZZ460/01 Midnight Blue (Lead Free)
461/01 Ocean Blue (Lead Free)
462/01 Carib Blue (4-Color; Lead Free)
463/01 Bright Blue (Lead Free)
470/01 Fir Green (Lead Free)
471/01 Shamrock Green (Lead Free)
480/01 Black (4-Color; Lead Free)
481/01 Black Matte (Lead Free)
482/01 Black High-Hiding (Lead Free)
490/01 Clear Gloss (Lead Free)
491/01 Clear Matte (Lead Free)
492/01 Clear Gloss with UV (Lead Free)
493/01 Clear Matte with UV (Lead Free)
496/01 Metallic Silver (Lead Free)
497/01 Metallic Gold (Lead Free)
498/01 Silver Gray Blockout (Lead Free)
499/01 Flexible Face Topcoat (Lead Free)


Lacryl 800 (Screen)

Part Number Description
ZZ206/01 Remover
(also /PL)
General Purpose Thinner
ZZ218/01 Retarder
(also /PL)
White (Lead Free)
806/01 White Super Concentrated (Lead Free)
812/01 Buttercup
813/01 Daffodil
815/01 Lemon Yellow (4-Color)
816/01 Yellow (Lead Free)
821/01 Pumpkin
821LF/01 Pumpkin (Lead Free)
832/01 Permanent Red (Lead Free)
837/01 Unique Red
837LF/01 Unique Red (Lead Free)
839/01 Flame Red
839LF/01 Flame Red (Lead Free)
840/01 Magenta (Lead Free)
843/01 Deep Red (Lead Free)
844/01 Apple Red
846/01 Deep Plum (Lead Free)
851/01 Light Brown (Lead Free)
852/01 Pale Brown (Lead Free)
860/01 Midnight Blue (Lead Free)
ZZ861/01 Ocean Blue (Lead Free)
862/01 Carib Blue (4-Color; Lead Free)
863/01 Bright Blue (Lead Free)
870/01 Fir Green (Lead Free)
871/01 Shamrock Green (Lead Free)
880/01 Black (4-Color; Lead Free)
882/01 Black High-Hiding (Lead Free)
890/01 Clear Gloss (Lead Free)
891/01 Clear Matte (Lead Free)
896/01 Metallic Silver (Lead Free)
898/01 Silver Gray Blockout (Lead Free)
SH5106/01 White Primer Air Dry


Lacryl LEF2003/PL Water Based White Backer

Part Number Description
LEF2003/PL* Water Based White Backer

*Product is Discontinued

Series 20 brand

Series 20 (Metal)

*All Series 20 Products are Discontinued

Part Number Description
ZZ203091/01* Gloss Modifier
ZZ20-313/01* Duranodic 313 (Lead Free)
ZZ20-313E/01* Duranodic 313E (Lead Free)
ZZ20-01/01* White
ZZ20-02/01* White Matte
ZZ20-80/01* Black Gloss (Lead Free)
ZZ20-81/01* Black Matte (Lead Free)
ZZ20-CL/01* Clear (Lead Free)
ZZ20-WH/01* White Concentrate (Lead Free)
70400/01* Star-Brite White II
Z6221/01* Star-Brite White II EF


Field Master brand

Field Master

*All Field Master Products are Discontinued
Part Number Description
FM100/01* Gloss Modifier
FM102/01* White Satin
FM104/01* Red Oxide Primer
FM105/01* Light Gray Primer
FM123/01* Black Satin
FM151/01* Medium Aluminum
FM152/01* Fine Aluminum
FM153/01* Coarse Aluminum
FM154/01* Extra Fine Aluminum
FM169/01* Reducer
FM171/01* Brushed Aluminum
FM172/01* Duranodic 313
FM302/01* White Gloss
FM311/01* Violet
FM312/01* Maroon
FM313/01* Magenta
FM314/01* Cherry Red
FM315/01* Red Oxide
FM317/01* Yellow Oxide
FM320/01* Regal Blue
FM321/01* Phthalo Green
FM323/01* Black
FM325/01* Liberty Blue
FM330/01* Cardinal Red
FM331/01* Transparent Red Oxide
FM332/01* Transparent Yellow Oxide
FM340/01* Sunflower Yellow
FM342/01* Lemon Yellow
FM343/01* High-Hide Yellow
FM346/01* Bright Red
FM347/01* Poppy Red
FM377/01* Clear Gloss


Sign Strip & Booth Strip

Sign Strip

Part Number Description
(also /PL & /DR)
Sign Strip Blue
(also /PL & /DR)
Sign Strip Blue II (ZR-5050)
(also /DR)
Sign Strip Blue II (ZR-5050)
(also /DR)
Sign Strip Blue (NBSS)


Booth Strip

Part Number Description
Z5955/PL Booth Strip


Discontinued Sign Strip Products

Part Number Description
Z5070/01 Clear
Z5716/01 Sign Strip Clear
Z5915/01 Sign Strip Blue
Z6024/01 Sign Strip Blue (NBSS)
Z6198/01 Blue Strippable Maskant


1 Shot brand

1 Shot Lettering Enamels

Part Number Description
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /04, /8Z & /4Z)
Lettering White
(also /04, /8Z & /4Z)
Fire Red
(also /04, /8Z & /4Z)
Polar White
(also /04, /8Z & /4Z)
Bright Red
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Kool Crimson
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Metallic Gold
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Metallic Copper
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Metallic Brass
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Medium Brown
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Dark Brown
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Primrose Yellow
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Lemon Yellow
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Chrome Yellow
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Sublime Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Emerald Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Process Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Medium Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Dark Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Blue Green
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Robin Egg Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Light Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Process Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Peacock Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Reflex Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Brilliant Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Kansas City Teal
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Dark Blue
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Proper Purple
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Dark Magenta
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Rubine Red
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Salmon Pink
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Imitation Gold
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Metallic Silver
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Medium Gray
(also /8Z & /4Z)
Lettering Black


1 Shot Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
(also /04*)
Sign Restoring Clear, Gloss
(also /04)
Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear, Gloss
4005AA/DZ Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clear Aerosol Gloss
4016/04* Anti-Graffiti Clear Gloss, Part A
4018/04* Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part A
4020/04* Anti-Graffiti Clear Matte, Part B

*Product is Discontinued

1 Shot Art and Sign Poster Colors

*All 1 Shot Art and Sign Poster Color Products are Discontinued
Part Number Description
ZZ3000/8Z* White
ZZ3002/8Z* Chrome Yellow
ZZ3005/8Z* Bright Red
ZZ3007/8Z* Purple
ZZ3016/8Z* Ultra Blue
3099/8Z* Black


1 Shot Fluorescent Colors

Part Number Description
(also /4Z*)
(also /4Z*)
(also /4Z*)
Red Orange
(also /4Z*)
(also /4Z*)
(also /4Z*)
(also /4Z*)
220F/04 Fluorescent UV Topcoat Clear

*Product is Discontinued

1 Shot Block Out, Background & Primers

Part Number Description
(also /04)
Vinyl Primer
(also /04)
Metal Bond
(also /04)
2.1 Epoxy Primer - Gray


1 Shot Additives

Part Number Description
4001/8Z Tinting Black
4002/8Z Tinting White
(also /08* & /8Z*)
Brush Cleaner
4007/8Z Hardener
4008/8Z Fast Dry Gold Size
(also /8Z)
Gray Epoxy Hardener

*Product is Discontinued

1 Shot Reducers

Part Number Description
ZZ6000/04 ChromaFlo Flow Reducer
ZZ6001/04 Low Temp Reducer
ZZ6002/04 High Temp Reducer


1 Shot Pearlescent Enamels

*All 1 Shot Pearlescent Enamel Products are Discontinued
Part Number Description
900P/8Z* Vermillion
904P/8Z* Bright Red
930P/8Z* Primrose Yellow
943P/8Z* Process Green
948P/8Z* Dark Green
950P/8Z* Blue Green
953P/8Z* Process Blue
955P/8Z* Reflex Blue
962P/8Z* Purple
964P/8Z* Dark Magenta


Chromatic Bulletin Colors

*All Chromatic Bulletin Color Products are Discontinued
Part Number Description
4010021/01* Black
4010101/01* White
4010102/01* Fire Red
4010104/01* Bright Red
4010106/01* Carmine
4010108/01* Maroon
4010114/01* Medium Brown
4010115/01* Dark Brown
4010116/01* Ivory
4010124/01* Orange
4010130/01* Primrose Yellow
4010132/01* Lemon Yellow
4010134/01* Chrome Yellow
4010140/01* Light Green
4010142/01* Emerald Green
4010144/01* Medium Green
4010148/01* Dark Green
4010152/01* Light Blue
4010153/01* Process Blue
4010156/01* Brilliant Blue
4010158/01* Dark Blue
4010162/01* Purple
4010163/01* Magenta
4010166/01* Reflex Blue
4010195/01* Medium Gray
4010021F/01* Flat Black
4010101SW/01* Super White


Chromatic Background Enamels

*All Chromatic Background Enamel Products are Discontinued

Part Number Description
4108101/01* BEW White


Chromatic Industrial Enamels

Part Number Description
4117101HP/04 High Performance White
4117101SP/04 High Performance White - Special (Roller)


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Solvent Based)

Part Number Description
(also /04)
PMWPW Metal & Wood Primer White
4420101/01 PBOW Fast Dry Block Out White
(also /04)
PBOW602 High Viscosity Block Out White


Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Water Based)

*All Chromatic Primers & Black Outs (Water Based) Products are Discontinued
Part Number Description
(also /04*)
Universal White Primer
(also /04*)
White High Build Primer


Chromatic Vinyl Coatings (Water Based)

Part Number Description
4331010/04 TI-COTE Clear Primer Barrier Coat, Gloss


Chromatic Additives

Part Number Description
4329500/04 Clear Flattening Paste
4704700/8Z* Splash

*Product is Discontinued

Chromatic Clear Coatings

Part Number Description
4331030/04 Graphiguard Matte Clear



Part Number Description
(also /04)
SMITH'S CREAM Painting Medium
D303/04 MULTIPBLOCK High Hide Vinyl Primer & Gess