Fish Eyes

Why am I getting "Fish Eyes" or "Crawling" when using 1 Shot Paints?
If a surface is not thoroughly cleaned, it may still contain waxes, oils or silicons. Clean with a good surface prep and degreaser.

Slow Drying Paint on Banners or Awnings

Why won't my 1 Shot Lettering Enamels dry on a banner?
To letter on a banner (or any vinyl-based, flexible surface such as awnings, tonnau covers, leather garments), the banner must have an "Enamel Receptive Coating" on it. If you don't have a "ERC" banner, you can coat the banner first with our Ti-Cote product to make it enamel receptive.

Wrinkling or Lifting Paint

How do I avoid wrinkling in my Lettering or Background Enamels?
Never apply 1 Shot Background or lettering Enamels too thick or try to recoat a painted surface until the first coat of paint is dry. Always follow the suggested recoating times for best results.